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Open All Hours

We are pleased with the progress of the latest building work. Our school office is being re-furbished to make a purpose built waiting area for parents and in addition to this a front entrance which mirrors the rest of the school. Funding has been secured for this project from the Local Authority so we are thrilled that the facility of Sandon continues to be the best that it can be at no cost to the provision for the children. Watch this space for photos of the work progressing.

New Entrance

The Final Piece of the Jigsaw...

Just take a look at this photo – this is the last remaining part of the school to have a makeover:

Toilet Refurb

Former pupils of the school will remember this area well – the distinguished round part of the building. Take a look at what we have done at the contrasting end of the school – almost a before and after picture:


The builders are moving in to refurbish this remaining area and then the Sandon jigsaw is finally complete. We will update the webpage with the improvements.

Sport For All

Here at Sandon we are proud of the sporting facilities that we have on offer. We also have Mr Taylor – a qualified teacher whose background is teaching secondary PE. He is currently providing high quality PE sessions before school to pupils from across Key Stage 2 and also at lunchtimes.

The sessions are devised to encourage delivery of the complete healthy lifestyle education package. Children select a healthy meal that has good nutritional balance which is saved for them by the kitchen staff. They have a half an hour work out using full gym equipment followed by a quiet calm lunch; they really do work hard!

Gym Workout

Sandon Reptile & Bug House

New to the school is the Sandon Reptile & Bug House. We have been donated so many reptiles from the community that we decided to make a learning resource inside the school. Carefully cared for by the children and Farmer Kiddle we currently home.

Health and Safety is very strict when keeping reptiles especially when in a school environment so at the moment the handling of the reptiles is restricted to a nominated member of staff, you’ve guessed it… Farmer Kiddle! Take a look for yourself.

Sandon Farm...

The Sandon Farm is proving to be a big hit with not only our children and staff but also local residents. We have invited residents into the school to bring their family members to look at the animals and book a guided tour from Farmer Kiddle. We have extended the offer to local schools also, where we will collect their children in our mini-bus and provide a guided tour of the facility.

Any interested schools should contact us on the school's main phone number, or email us using the "Contact Us" option on the menu bar towards the top of this page.

Sandon Farm

A Little About Us...

Sandon Primary School caters for boys and girls aged 4-11 years of age. At present, there are approximately 330 children on roll.

We have sixteen classrooms, a cookery room, a library, a hall with fixed apparatus, a carpeted hall with a stage and a fitness suite. Sandon Primary is set in pleasant grounds with a large field and exciting play areas across the school.

Respect & Responsibilty

Respect for Self, Respect for others and Responsibility for Actions, are the three qualities that we aim to instill into every child that is taught at Sandon Primary.

Good behaviour and respect for self and others are non-negotiables as far as the school is concerned. We expect every child to assimilate these qualities, as we nurture and encourage every pupil to achieve these character traits.